Ladder and Business House information;

The 'Ladder' details are;

We have two sections, based roughly on peoples skill level. Each of those sections play round robins (i.e. you get to play each person in your section). Points are gained based on games and matches won. We operate a promotion/relegation between sections after the round robins. Occasionally we have games between players in sections when a BYE situation arises.

Usually, on Sunday, we email out the draw for the following week. All the games are normally played on the Tuesday evening (although by request some are on Monday evening’s). People can organise with their playing partner to play at an alternate time if need be. If a person has a preferred playing time on Tuesday evening (or Monday evening) we can normally accommodate that.

The draw is put on the notice board at the club and after your game you write your result on it. One of the committee keeps track of the results and publishes an approximated ‘standings’ table, via email.

We put the section number after the peoples names in the draw so that it’s easier for newer people to identify who’s in their section.

We have a contacts list that we send out with the draw too. If you can’t make your game or need to change the playing time/day then contact your playing partner ASAP.

Business House squash;

Business House squash runs on Wednesday nights (when it operates) and is as follows;

Teams of four, with players ranked as 1 and 2, and as 3 and 4. Everyone gets two 15-minute games, 1’s and 2’s in each team playing each other, and likewise the 3’s and 4’s. So it is graded slightly. It goes from 7pm and the last game finishes around 9.45pm (Wednesday nights). $5 per player per night to play. The Bar is open.