Waiuku Golf Club Membership

Vacancies remain available for the 2019 playing year. 
A full listing of the categories available can be viewed below:



For Golf and Squash $50 membership till the end of March 2020, when joining as a first time member of any Golf or Squash Club!

Standard Memberships

Membership Type:Price
Full Playing Member $770.00
Part Time Member - May play 7 days (Saturday after 12pm). Unable to enter club competitions. $620.00
Full Playing Couple $1324.00

9 Hole Member - Can only play 9 holes on any given day, with twilight competitions being the only exception. No play on Saturday or Sunday until after 12pm. $385.00
Associate Member - This membership is only open to persons who play the majority of golf at another club which they have nominated as their HOME CLUB. $310.00
Summer 1st October - 31st. March (May participate in Summer Cups.) $385.00
Winter 1st April - 30th. Sept $385.00
Junior (up to 19 years) - Able to play senior competition on recommendation from junior director. No guest rights. $250.00
Student (attending school up to college level) - No playing or guest rights, permission must be obtained from the office before tee-off. No play weekends until afternoon. $120.00
Social Membership - Allows non golfing members to use the bar and lounge without needing to sign the visitors book. $21.00

Weekly Payments can be cancelled at any time

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I give permission for NZ Golf Association to record my scoring record on the public website www.golf.co.nz As a member of the Waiuku Golf & Squash Club, I hereby agree to abide by all rules and regulations regarding on course or club room facilities. I also agree that payment for all subscriptions are paid upon invoicing and/or I put in place a payment schedule of sufficient amounts to ensure subs are paid.

PAYMENT AND CONTRACT - To be made and signed when you come into the office.